MSU Video Upscalers Benchmark 2022
The most extensive comparison of video super-resolution (VSR) algorithms by subjective quality
MSU HDR Video Reconstruction Benchmark 2022
The most comprehensive comparison of HDR video reconstruction methods
MSU Super-Resolution for Video Compression Benchmark 2022
Learn about the best SR methods for compressed videos and choose the best model to use with your codec
MSU Video Quality Metrics Benchmark 2022
Explore newest Full- and No-Reference Video Quality Metrics and find the most appropriate for you.
MSU Quality Measurement Tool: Metrics information
Metrics' information
MSU Video Alignment and Retrieval Benchmark
Explore the best algorithms in different video alignment tasks
MSU 3D-video Quality Analysis. Report 12
PSNR and SSIM: application areas and criticism
Learn about limits and applicability of the most popular metrics
MSU Mobile Video Codecs Benchmark 2021
Discover Android devices with the longest video playback time and find the most power-efficient video-decoder on your Android device and
MSU 3D-video Quality Analysis. Report 11
Forecasting of viewers’ discomfort
How do distortions in a stereo movie affect the discomfort of viewers?
MSU Video Super-Resolution Benchmark
Discover the newest VSR methods and find the most appropriate method for your tasks
MSU Shot Boundary Detection Benchmark 2020
Discover the best Shot Boundary Detection method for your case
MSU Deinterlacer Benchmark
The most comprehensive comparison of deinterlacing methods
MSU 3D-video Quality Analysis. Report 10
Detection of stereo window violation
How to find objects that are present only in one view?
Depth continuity estimation in S3D video
How smooth is the depth transition between scenes?
Detection of 3D movie scenes shot on converged axes
Another cause of headaches when watching 3D movies.
Parallax range estimation in S3D video
The parallax range should be both comfortable and entertaining for spectators.
Geometric distortions analysis and correction
Automatic correction of vertical disparity, rotation mismatch and scale mismatch.
Automatic detection of artifacts in converted S3D videos
We detect edge sharpness mismatch, cardboard effect, and crosstalk noticeability.
Temporal shift estimation for stereoscopic videos
How to take into account geometric distortions in the estimation of the temporal shift?
Neural network-based algorithm for classification of stereoscopic video by the production method
What method was used to create the 3D scene?
Perspective distortions estimation
How to detect a mismatch in the vertical position of the cameras?
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