MSU Defenses Video Quality Metrics Benchmark

Check your IQA/VQA metric robustness to adversarial attacks

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Project head: Aleksandr Gushchin
G&M Lab head: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Measurements, analysis:
Khaled Abud, Georgii Bychkov,
Ekaterina Shumitskaya, Vyacheslav Napadovsky
Anastasia Antsiferova, Sergey Lavrushkin

Key features of the Benchmark

  • 20+ evaluated defense methods of different types (purification, adversarial training, certified robustness)
  • 14 adversarial Wb and BB attacks including FGSM-based, Universal Adversarial Perturbation-based and Perceptual-aware attacks
  • Automatic cloud-based pipeline for evaluation

What’s new

  • 30.06.2024 Alpha-version of benchmark Benchmark Release


Dataset can be found here.


Non-adaptive leaderboard for adversarial purification defenses. Evaluated metrics are averaged across all images and attacks. Defense parameters’ values with the highest correlations for adversarial images are selected:

Methodology and dataset


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We would highly appreciate any suggestions and ideas on how to improve our benchmark. Please contact us via email:

30 Jun 2024
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