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The Graphics & Media Lab Video Group is part of the Computer Science Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The Graphics Group began at the end of the 1980s, and the Graphics & Media Lab was officially founded in 1998. The main research avenues of the lab include areas of computer graphics, computer vision and media processing (audio, image, and video). A number of patents have been acquired based on the lab’s research, and other results have been presented in various publications. The main research avenues of the Graphics & Media Lab Video Group are video processing, video quality analysis, and video compression (codecs testing and tuning, quality metrics research, and codecs development).


#1 video codecs analysis

The companies send us the codecs, and we find out, which one is better.

Here is a list of companies we collaborated with:

Intel Samsung Huawei Cisco
Tencent Google NVidia Netflix
Adobe Broadcom Qualcomm Dolby
AMD MainConcept Telecast Vitec
ATI Elgato ISPhone Voceweb
Tata Elxsi dicas KDDI R&D labs Octasic

Our stats by 2019:

Some of our reports are publically available.

#1 video quality estimation tool

We have VQMT for monoscopic and VQMT3D for stereoscopic video. We can predict in advance whether you will have a headache after watching the 3D movie. The tools have more quality assessment metrics than any concurrent ones declared. Take a look at our assessment reports on the projects’ pages. Our stats by 2019:

#1 video matting benchmark

The VideoMatting project is the first public objective benchmark for video-matting methods. Our work ranks existing methods and aids developers of new methods in improving their results. Previous cases of estimation:

#1 subjective quality estimation

The Subjectify project provides a crowd-sourced algorithms evaluation platform. It is designed for the subjective comparison of images, video, and sound processing methods. Previous cases of estimation:



We’re located in Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. We’re open to cooperation. Feel free to contact us: dmitry@graphics.cs.msu.ru.

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