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We are the part of the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory, situated in the Moscow State University, Russia. We are:

The case is that the governmental financial support is considerable low, in compare to other countries. Hence we have the only way to survive - to be extremely practical.

Here is a list of companies we collaborated with:

Intel Samsung Huawei Cisco
Tencent Google NVidia Netflix
Adobe Broadcom Qualcomm Dolby
AMD MainConcept Telecast Vitec
ATI Elgato ISPhone Voceweb
Tata Elxsi dicas KDDI Research Octasic

Graphics & Media Lab Video Group is part of Lomonosov Moscow State University Computer Science Department. The history of MSU’s Video Group began at the end of the 1980s. Main research avenues include areas of computer graphics, computer vision, and video processing. Video Group works in areas of video compression (codecs testing and tuning, quality metrics research and development), video and S3D video quality analysis and benchmarking. We developed exclusive tools for Intel, Samsung, Huawei, RealNetworks, and other companies, adapting our algorithms for specific video streams, applications, and hardware like TV sets, graphics cards, etc.

Main research areas

Video Codecs Analysis

Worldwide leading MSU Video Codecs Comparisons: conducted annually since 2007

Our content-aware codec tuning service improves encoding performance on a wide range of videos and encoding use cases, reducing bitrate up to 40% and encoding time up to 50% with the same quality

Video Quality Estimation

MSU VQMT is a tool for performing video/image quality analyses using reference or no-reference metrics

VQMT3D is a tool for stereoscopic video quality estimation

Subjective Quality Estimation

Subjectify.us is a crowd-sourced evaluation platform designed for subjective comparison of video, images, and sound processing methods


We launched 6 different benchmarks and expect to launch 14 more by the end of 2022



90% of our projects are sponsored by companies. We have experience of a long-term collaboration with Intel, Samsung, Huawei, and others. All our research is aimed to be extremely practical for the industry.

We are open to cooperation in the fields of video processing, video compression, and video quality analysis.

MSU Video Group. September 2021 MSU Video Group. September 2021

Feel free to contact us: dmitriy@graphics.cs.msu.ru

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