Stereo Quality Metrics

Detection of stereo window violation
How to find objects that are present only in one view?
Depth continuity estimation in S3D video
How smooth is the depth transition between scenes?
Detection of 3D movie scenes shot on converged axes
Another cause of headaches when watching 3D movies.
Parallax range estimation in S3D video
The parallax range should be both comfortable and entertaining for spectators.
Geometric distortions analysis and correction
Automatic correction of vertical disparity, rotation mismatch and scale mismatch.
Automatic detection of artifacts in converted S3D videos
We detect edge sharpness mismatch, cardboard effect, and crosstalk noticeability.
Temporal shift estimation for stereoscopic videos
How to take into account geometric distortions in the estimation of the temporal shift?
Neural network-based algorithm for classification of stereoscopic video by the production method
What method was used to create the 3D scene?
Perspective distortions estimation
How to detect a mismatch in the vertical position of the cameras?
Automatic color mismatch estimation in S3D videos using confidence maps
How to detect color distortion between the angles of a 3D video?
Detection of object boundary inconsistencies between 2D-3D conversion results and depth maps
How to find foreground objects that are stuck to the background?
Automatic local color correction in S3D video
How to eliminate color distortion between stereo video views?
Detection of swapped views in S3D movies
Channel mismatch is hard to detect, but our neural network method shows very high precision.
Automatic sharpness mismatch detection and compensation in stereo
While watching movies with sharpness mismatch the spectator may lose sense of 3D or even get a headache.
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