The Methodology of the Learning-Based Image Compression Benchmark

Comparison methodology


JPEG AI Quality Assessment Framework



  • LPIPS[9] - We use this implementation


As a measure of Bitarate/Quality Trade-off we use BSQ-rate[10] (Bitrate-for-the-Same-Quality rate). BSQ-rate can be calculated in 4 steps:

  1. Calculate rate/distortion values (points on the rate-distortion plot) for the reference and test codecs.
  2. If there are outlying points which lead to non-monotonic rate-distortion curve, remove them.
  3. Invert bitrate and quality axes, apply linear interpolation to the obtained points.
  4. Set the interval for integrating as the limits of obtained curves overlapping segments and calculate the areas under the curves in the chosen integration segment and determine their ratio: BSQ-rate = S1/S2.

Execution Time Measure

We meausure execution time of each triplet (codec, image, bitrate) 3 times and choose minimal of them.

Dataset Preparation

Optimal Sequence Number

To define optimal sequence number we conducted this research:

  1. Select a sample of 700 images
  2. Compress images with all codecs, calculate metrics and bsq-rate
  3. Perfom dataset subsampling with replacement
  4. Calculate the average deviation of bsq-rate across all methods for each metric.
  5. If the subsample size is 250 images and the average deviation of bsq-rate is < 1%, in this case, the results on the subsample can be considered equivalent to the results on the full sample

Image Resolutions

Our study examines codecs across three distinct resolution types, providing a comprehensive analysis of their effectiveness.

  • HD
  • Full HD
  • 4k

Image Sources

We use images from 2 sources:

  1. Flickr - for image of Full HD and 4k resolutions
  2. OpenImages Dataset - for images of HD resolutions

Image Selection

We processed over 1M images and selected 250 images per resolution. Selection was conducted based on two features:

  • \[SI(X) = std(Sobel(\|(Sobel_v, Sobel_h)\|_2)),\] Where \(Sobel_h\) and \(Sobel_v\) are horizontal and vertical Sobel transformation
  • \[LogBlurLap(X) = log(var(Laplace(X))),\] Where Laplace is Laplacian operator \(Laplace(f) = \frac{\partial^2 f(x)}{\partial x^2} + \frac{\partial^2 f(y)}{\partial y^2} \)

  1. Images in each resolution were devided into 250 clusters
  2. Image closest to the cluster center selected as candidate
  3. Each candidate manually verified




Calculations were made using the following hardware:

  • GeForce RTX 3090 GPU, an Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6226R CPU @ 2.90GHz
  • NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU, AMD EPYC 7532 32-Core Processor @ 2.40GHz


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13 Dec 2023
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