List of participants of MSU Video Frame Interpolation Benchmark

Name Implementation Paper Year Added by
Frame Repeating MSU
Frame Averaging MSU
RIFE Link Link 2020 MSU
XVFI Link Link 2021 MSU
Super-SloMo Link Link 2017 MSU
CAIN Link Link 2020 MSU
Chronos-SloMo-v2 Link 2021 MSU
Adobe Premiere Pro Link 2021 MSU

Overview of architectures


  • PixelShuffle
  • Channel attention
  • No optical flow computation module


  • IFNet for approximation of intermediate optical flows
  • RefineNet for final refinement


The XVFI-Net is based on a recursive multi-scale shared structure that consists of two cascaded modules for bidirectional optical flow learning between two input frames (BiOF-I) and for bidirectional optical flow learning from target to input frames (BiOF-T).

Frame Averaging

A simple weigted sum of two adjucent frames with different coefficients.

Frame Repeating

The left frame in each pair of neighbors was taken and repeated N times.

04 Oct 2022
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