First Annual MSU MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video Codec Comparison

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Part 2. PSNR/Bitrate diagrams

Y-PSNR/Bit rate, Delta-Y-PSNR/Bit rate, U-PSNR/Bit rate and V-PSNR/Bit rate diagrams

Bankomatdi sequence

Picture 16. Y-PSNR. Sequence bankomatdi

Picture 17. Delta Y-PSNR. Sequence bankomatdi

Picture 18. U-PSNR. Sequence bankomatdi

Picture 19. V-PSNR. Sequence bankomatdi


Battle sequence

Picture 20. Y-PSNR. Sequence battle

Picture 21. Delta Y-PSNR. Sequence battle

Picture 22. U-PSNR. Sequence battle

Picture 23. V-PSNR. Sequence battle


Bbc3di sequence

Picture 24. Y-PSNR. Sequence bbc3di

Picture 25. Delta Y-PSNR. Sequence bbc3di

Picture 26. U-PSNR. Sequence bbc3di

Picture 27. V-PSNR. Sequence bbc3di


Foreman sequence

Picture 28. Y-PSNR. Sequence foreman

Picture 29. Delta Y-PSNR. Sequence foreman

Picture 30. U-PSNR. Sequence foreman

Picture 31. V-PSNR. Sequence foreman


Susidi sequence

Picture 32. Y-PSNR. Sequence susidi

Picture 33. Delta Y-PSNR. Sequence susidi

Picture 34. U-PSNR. Sequence susidi

Picture 35. V-PSNR. Sequence susidi


10 Mar 2011
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