MSU StegoVideo

Unique tool for hiding information in video (VirtualDub filter/standalone executable)

Here you can see description of MSU StegoVideo tool settings if you want to use it as VirtualDub filter.
Go to main tool page for a general info about this tool or go to program settings page if you want to use this tool as standalone program.


In you can find “MSU_stego_video.vdf”. Unpack this file in the folder “plugins” in VirtualDub folder.

Filter Settings

Hiding settings
Hiding settings
  1. Frame size & compression bitrate - Required if you want to set data redundancy automatically (can be left blank if you want to set it manually)
  2. File - Choose file that you want to hide (small *.txt files are recommended).
  3. Frame number - Number of frames required to hide all file (if you want, you can hide part of your file).
  4. Weak noise - strong noise - Power of video distortions. Decrease it if distortion is too high (100 recommended).
  5. more data - less data - Data redundancy. Increasing data redundancy decreases amount of data that will be hidden into each frame and probability of error.

You will see the window above if you press OK and “Hide file into video” is chosen. You will need this passcode to extract file from video.

Extraction options
Extraction settings
  1. Passcode - You get this passcode when you hide file.
  2. File - Choose file where you want to save info.



10 Mar 2011
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