VirtualDub MSU Subtitle Remover

New version of filter for LOGO removal is here MSU Logo Remover

This filter is a plugin for VirtualDub (Free!)

New MSU Subtitle Remover 3.0 beta2 is available! Download filter now Unpack this file in VirtualDub “Plugins” folder.

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What`s new in 3.0 beta2?

What`s new in 3.0 beta?

Main filter ideas:


See filter User’s Guide for more details



Cutted sequence, 10th frame after subtitle appearing, fast linear camera motion

House M.D. sequence, 12th frame after subtitle appearing, scene change

Friends sequence, 17th frame after subtitle appearing, camera shaking and slow motion

Anime3 sequence, 17th frame after subtitle appearing, high camera shaking

Speed tests

Окно настроек
Speed comparsion of different versions. Measured on AMD Athlon 2200+

Version history



10 Mar 2011
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